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About Eiger Wealth Management

Eiger Wealth Management, LLC

Our firm is named after the majestic mountain in the Swiss Alps, the Eiger, a 13K foot summit of the Bernese Alps. Standing tall, it serves as a protective barrier and key part of the ecosystem in that beautiful place. At Eiger Wealth Management, the same is true: We protect and serve our clients every day, no matter what is happening in the economy. You come first. And, we believe in a diversified approach to investing that includes public as well as private investments, particularly in private real estate. We strive to help you realize your life goals and objectives so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Your Financial Freedom Awaits

Let’s face it, financial strength and stability can enhance your life and give you peace of mind and more time with the ones you love. Helping our clients in this way is what drives us.

We put our expertise and experience to work to best serve our clients. With Eiger Wealth Management by your side, you’ll have the confidence and trust you deserve when it comes to your financial health. Each of our clients is unique and deserves a unique approach. We coordinate all of your financial affairs, from investing to estate and tax planning. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Ready to take control of your financial life? We offer the personalized service you need to plan and manage your long-term financial goals. It all starts with determining your objectives and then putting together a secure strategy to get there. Let us help you start.

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