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Wealth Management & Financial Planning Services

We're here to help you ascend to financial freedom in your life. At Eiger Wealth Management, you come first. We believe in a diversified approach to investing that includes public as well as private investments, particularly in private real estate. And we’ve been doing it for many clients, for a long time. 

In this day and age, it’s important to manage the resources you’ve built today so they can work for you now and in the future. Whether you are a mid-career individual or couple, transitioning to retirement or need to manage a multi-generation family portfolio, we are here to give you the financial peace of mind you deserve.

Ready to take control of your financial life? We offer the personalized service you need to plan and manage your long-term financial goals. It all starts with determining your objectives and then putting together a secure strategy to get there. Let us help you start.

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Ever wanted to know what types of alternative investments are available and how to access them? Download our free eBook and learn the pros and cons of different alternative investments.

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